Preparatory School rules and guidelines

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Students are allowed into the Preparatory School after 8.10am. All students who come on to the grounds before then are required to wait in the existing Preparatory School undercover area until 8.10am when they officially greet Dr Males with a morning handshake. No games, of any description, are allowed during this time.

Students need to move to the designated eating area for their year group with their hat and lunch. The 15 minute eating period is supervised and all students are to sit and eat during this time. Prior to being dismissed at 1.00pm to play, the staff supervising the eating duty are to ensure students have not left rubbish behind.

Students are encouraged to apply sunscreen before school and to reapply over the day.

At no time are the students allowed to eat on the oval, Blue Web or playground equipment.

Teachers in the Pre-Primary to Year 6 area are rostered to supervise eating. This is part of the Duty requirements. Teachers are requested not to dismiss students early, as supervision then becomes an issue. A bell will sound at 1.00pm. Students may then walk to play areas or the library.

Playground rules

  • Hands off at all times (tackling, pushing etc., are not permitted)
  • A hat is required when outside or students will be directed to the shade area.
  • Eating on the oval or play equipment is not permitted.
  • Play safely at all times
  • Boys are to walk on the verandahs at all times
  • Boys are to be supervised at all times and not left unattended in classrooms.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times, except by the students in the Year 1 – 2 sand area playground
  • Boys must leave the oval  as soon as the bell sounds


  • Yellow card (warning)
  • Students without a hat must stay in the undercover area, Manjar Square or the Library.
  • If serious, inform the Director of Pastoral Care, Planning and Co-curricular (Deputy Head) and discuss with class teacher.

Behaviour management overview

Christ Church Grammar School prides itself on students being happy and committed learners based on the exceptional pastoral care that all staff provide. The Champion Quest is the main tool the Prep School uses in managing student behaviour. The primary aim is to recognise students’ positive behaviours and relationships to encourage this to be the behaviour modeled and sought after at Christ Church.

Please see the Positive Relationships Plan and Positive Relationships Policy for more detail as the information below is a summary of some of the information in policy documentation.


Classroom teachers are required to keep records of incidents and to initially deal with the situation. If unresolved or escalating inform the Director of Pastoral Care, Planning and Co-curricular (Deputy Head) to discuss further strategies. This may also be brought up as a topic for discussion at Preparatory Pastoral Committee Meetings.