Student illness

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Accident and emergencies

Minor ailment

  • The student should report to his teacher who will give him written permission to attend the Health Centre if necessary. The Absentee Line will be informed if a class is missed.
  • The registered nurse on duty will assess and treat the student as required. If further care is required the parents will be contacted.

Minor injury

  • If the student is injured whilst playing sport either at the School or off campus he should report to his teacher/coach in the first instance and then to the registered nurse or designated qualified first aid person on duty.
  • If the student is injured during recess or lunch he should report directly to teacher on duty or School Marshal.
  • If referred to the Health Centre or designated qualified first aid person an assessment will be carried out and first aid will be administered. If further care is required parents will be contacted.

Serious illness / injury requiring doctor or hospital

  • The registered nurse on duty or other member of school staff (if the nurse is not available) or, if off campus, the designated qualified first aid person on duty, will assess the student, administer first aid and if required the student will be transported to the doctor/dentist/hospital.
  • The parent/guardian will be contacted as soon as possible, according to the information available on the boy’s health record/school database.
  • In the event of an emergency, the School will make every effort to contact the parent or emergency contact. However, if such contact cannot be made, the School will organise essential medical and /or dental treatment. If necessary, ambulance transport will also be arranged by the School.

Medication procedures

  • Parents are requested to inform the Health Centre staff of any prescription medications being taken by students.
  • The School recommends that prescription medication be taken under supervision in the Health Centre.
  • If assistance is required with the administration of prescription medication, written consent by parent/guardian or doctor is required.