Sport procedures and venues

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  1. School sport is part of every boy’s commitment. This entails training and playing in organised fixtures. There are boys who are excused on medical grounds, and in these situations every endeavour is made to involve them in a non-playing capacity with a team. Any requests for exemption must be submitted via the Head of House to the Deputy headmaster for approval.
  2. A boy competing with an outside body is required to honour School training and match commitments as a matter of absolute priority.
  3. Boys are expected to attend all sport training sessions and matches. If an absence is absolutely necessary a note from parents is required. If the absence is for reasons other than sickness the boy should deliver the note personally to the coach before the session.
  4. Routine dental, medical and other appointments should be made at times that do not conflict with sporting commitments.
  5. Sports selection
    • Terms 1 and 4 Summer Sports:
      • Basketball, Cricket, Rowing, Sailing (selected groups),
      • Strength & Conditioning (Y11 & 12 only), Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, Water Polo
    • Terms 2 and 3 Winter Sports:
      • Badminton, Cross County, Football, Hockey, Rugby, Sailing (selected groups), Soccer,
      • Strength & Conditioning (Y11 & 12 only)
    • Term 3 – Sport:
      • Boys take part in athletics in the last half of Term 3.
      • In making a selection for summer and winter sport a boy normally makes a commitment to that sport for the season. In exceptional cases boys may approach their Head of House to seek special permission to change sports during a season.
      • All boys new to the School, in Years 7 to 12, are required to make a summer sport selection at the start of the year.
      • Prior to the start of the winter sports season all boys in Years 7-12 are required to select a winter sport. The winter sports season covers Terms 2 and 3.
      • At the start of Term 4, all boys select a summer sport for Term 4 and Term 1 of the following year.
  6. For most sports, training occurs twice a week, either before or after School. Coaches will advise boys of the training times. Matches for Years 7, 8 and 9 are usually Friday afternoons, and on Saturday mornings for Years 10, 11 and 12.
  7. All boys playing a ball sport should wear a mouthguard during training and matches. In some sports other protective equipment is required. Coaches will give boys the necessary details.
  8. For outdoor sports in summer the School has a policy on protection from the sun where boys are encouraged to wear appropriate hats, clothing and sunscreen.
  9. Footwear in the Gymnasium and on the Squash courts must be smooth, white-soled sandshoes. Shoes with deep indentations on the soles are not permitted.
  10. No bathing is allowed at the School pool unless supervised according to regulations laid down for term time and the summer vacation.

School Sports Locations

Boys can check venues on a weekly basis when they are placed on noticeboards.

Aquinas College

Mt Henry Road, Manning

Christ Church Grammar School

Queenslea Drive, Claremont

McGillivray Oval, Brockway Road, Mt Claremont

Christ Church Playing Fields – Fortview Road, Mt Claremont

Christ Church Playing Field – St John’s Wood, Stevenson Ave, Mt Claremont

Cottesloe Tennis Club – Napier Street, Cottesloe

Guildford Grammar School

Guildford Playing Fields – Great Eastern Highway, Guildford

Pexton Oval – West Parade, South Guildford

Ashfield Reserve – Guildford Road, Ashfield

Bayswater Tennis Club – Garrett Rd, Bayswater

Hale School

Hale Road, Wembley Downs

Scotch College

Shenton Road, Swanbourne

Scotch Playing Fields – Bottom of Central Avenue, Swanbourne

Trinity College

Trinity Avenue, East Perth

Trinity Playing Fields – Elderfield Road, Waterford

Wesley College

Coode Street, South Perth

Collins Oval – Thelma Street, Como

Collier Oval -Thelma Street, Como

Hensman Park Tennis Club – Anstey St, South Perth