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Dental injuries are the most common type of oral facial injury in sport. They can keep players out of sport for a significant amount of time and often prove costly.

The National Health and Medical Research Council and Sports Medicine Australia, officially recommends wearing custom made mouthguards when participating in contact sports.

In order to reduce the incidence and severity of oral facial injuries, Christ Church Grammar School strongly recommends that all boys playing contact sports (i.e. Water Polo, Basketball, Rugby, Football, Hockey, Soccer) wear custom fitted mouthguards at ALL training sessions and at ALL fixtures, as dental injuries can happen just as easily at training as they can in competition.

A custom fitted mouthguard, unlike the over-the-counter variety, fits a person’s mouth perfectly. The accurate fit and uniform thickness of the shock absorbing plastic, maximises the shock absorbing effect and can reduce the force of oral facial injuries.

Boys who do not take the school’s advice and purchase a custom fitted mouthguard, train and play at their own risk.

All controlling organisations of the sporting codes listed above recommend the wearing of mouthguards, the exception to this is WA Rugby who have mandated that all Rugby players must wear a mouthguard to take their position on the field of play e.g., no mouthguard, no play.  In this regard, all CCGS Rugby coaches have been asked to adhere to this policy.

As part of the educative process on oral facial injuries in sport, senior school students have been shown a promotional video on the possible outcomes from facial contact in contact sports.