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This document outlines Christ Church Grammar School’s guidelines for establishing a scholarship, prize or other endowed gift to the School.


It was the spirit of giving, led by Canon William McClemans in 1910, that established the foundations of Christ Church Grammar School.

In the tradition of his legacy, as a school community we can help Christ Church grow and fulfil the School’s mission – ‘Boys educated to know, to do, to live with others, to be’ – and in doing so model philanthropic values to our boys.

The School today is a lively community with a deep commitment to academic and intellectual excellence, and to the development of the individual. Over the years the endowment of scholarships and prizes has been vital in providing for a more diverse community and enriching the school experience for generations of students.

Why set up a scholarship at Christ Church School?

Help shape our society

An education at Christ Church Grammar School is a life-long gift.  Since 1910 Christ Church has been making a difference in the community – on a local, national and global level. Providing named scholarships to outstanding students will ensure the School can make the Christ Church experience available to the very best students regardless of means. By providing a scholarship to our school, you make an investment in young people which has positive outcomes for society as a whole.

Grow the Christ Church tradition

Since the School was founded, generous funding from scholarships and bursaries has enabled many young men the opportunity of a Christ Church education regardless of their circumstances.  Your gift will help sustain and enrich that wonderful tradition.

Invest in future generations

Scholarships invest in people and a named scholarship is a dynamic living gift. It is about transforming deserving young lives in fundamentally positive ways. It is about providing life-enhancing opportunities and pathways.

Help Christ Church be inclusive

Funding a scholarship helps ensure diversity in the School, which is vital in continuing to give Christ Church students a rich community experience. All students benefit from the unique contributions of other students.

A scholarship lasts forever

Established the right way, a scholarship has the ability to maintain its value and its capacity to support students in perpetuity. The long-term vision of both donor and School will ensure that, over the years, many young men receive invaluable assistance to become leaders in their field. Your gift is perpetual.

The points below are designed to assist potential donors and benefactors who wish to establish an endowed scholarship fund at Christ Church Grammar School. The scholarship fund might be established under:

  • gift in a will
  • gift agreement
  • exchange of letters

Setting up a Scholarship or Prize

To ensure a fund meets the donor’s wishes and is able to be utilised by the School in future years, intending donors are encouraged to contact the Office of Philanthropy to discuss their particular thoughts and intent for a scholarship or prize. Guidelines are then drafted to outline these requirements and considered by the School Council, Principal or relevant Trustees prior to approval.

Bursaries can also be established. They provide direct financial support for students whose families demonstrate financial need and are generally a confidential matter between the student and the Principal. Unlike scholarships and prizes, bursaries are not listed in school prize lists and publications.

Gifts to our Scholarship Programs are tax deductible. Donations to establish prizes and bursaries are not tax deductible.

Setting up a Scholarship

Setting up a scholarship in perpetuity allows the scholarship to exist for all time and ensures it retains its real value and goal to help Christ Church students. Fixed term scholarships are also considered.

For a perpetual scholarship a corpus amount is endowed, invested and managed by Management Committee members or Trustees of various scholarship programs available for boys to attend our school. This amount takes into consideration inflation of school fees and an assumed percentage growth rate of invested funds to ensure the real value of the endowment is maintained over time and the scholarship remains in perpetuity.

Endowment funds can be established in various ways and we encourage you to speak with a member of the Philanthropy team to identify that which is most relevant to your wishes.

The example below demonstrates the level of funds required for a fixed-term scholarship. Scholarship funds are not restricted to this example and can be established with varying capital sums using the same principles.


The current recommended minimum endowment to set up a  fixed 6-year term scholarship of 50% of tuition fees commencing in 2021 is $90,000.


Funds for named prizes are established in perpetuity. When a prize or award is first proposed it must be presented to one of three panels for consideration and approval depending on the nature of the award. The three committees are:

  1. Academic Prize Panel – Deputy Principal, Director of Studies, Director of Philanthropy
  2. Sport Prize Panel –Director of Planning and Co-Curricular, Director of Sport, Director of Philanthropy
  3. Executive Panel – Director of Communication and Engagement, Director of Finance, Director of Philanthropy

Currently, in 2021, the minimum endowment for a named prize is $5,000. This amount is reviewed annually.

To establish a named House prize or award, please contact the Director of Philanthropy.

Naming Opportunities

Naming opportunities for scholarships and prizes are available within the School’s ‘Naming Opportunity Guidelines’ and subject to Council/Management Committee approval and the financial minimums as outlined in this document.

Tax Deductibility

Donations to Christ Church Grammar School for the advancement of education with the School’s ‘Bursary and Scholarship Fund’ or ‘Centenary Indigenous Scholarship Fund’, as well as to the ‘Old Boys’ Association Scholarship Trust’ are all tax-deductible for income tax purposes under the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

Donations to prizes, bursaries and the ‘Old Boys’ Association Education Fund’ (for benefit of sons and grandsons of CCGS old boys) are not tax deductible.

For More Information

The Principal and the Director of Philanthropy are available to assist potential donors and benefactors on the establishment of scholarships, financial arrangements and suggested criterion for a prize. It is particularly important to ensure that a financial agreement is established that reflects the donor’s wishes and intent and can be utilised by the School in future years.

Please contact the Office of Philanthropy on T: 61 2 9442 1535 or email to discuss opportunities for a scholarship or prize that matches your wishes and interests and aligns with our school’s priorities.