Emergency Management for Visiting Organisations


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All visiting organisation staff are required to read and sign the following document.

The process to initiate a response to any emergency is the same, regardless of the type of emergency. It is as follows:

  • Either an automated alarm is activated or an individual recognises an emergency situation.
  • Any person identifying the emergency will raise the alarm through the switchboard by dialling ‘111’. After hours contact the Caretaker: 0412 744 196.
  • Simultaneously the person identifying the emergency must act to ensure their own personal safety and that of other personnel in the immediate building.
  • Follow the directions outlined in the specific sections below.
  • On confirming the type of emergency, switchboard issues a code-specific alert over the two-way radios to the Emergency Response Team (ERT) advising them of the designated Zone / Area and Block.


CCGS has two types of evacuation alarms:

  • Single building fire evacuations, indicated by an internal ‘woop woop’ tone and a verbal instruction
  • Full campus evacuations, signalled by the sounding of an external ‘whoop whoop’ tone with the verbal instruction ‘This is an Evacuation’. This combined with a tone and message on all telephone speakers.

On hearing a fire alarm/emergency warning siren and/or you discover smoke/fire, follow these instructions:

  1. Ensure that R.A.C.E. has been implemented, that is:
    • Students have been Removed from immediate danger to a place of safety.
    • Alert switchboard of the fire alarm activation by dialing ‘111’.
    • Close all windows and doors (leave doors unlocked and the lights on).
    • Evacuate to your respective ‘Muster Area’ and perform a roll call. Your muster area can be determined by reading the Evacuation Plan closest to your location. In general, classroom occupants will proceed to the Senior Oval, Boarding House occupants to the Chapel forecourt.
    • Follow the directions of the Muster Area marshal.
    • Wait for the ‘All Clear’ signal to be given by the School’s Incident Commander.


Signalled by a drawn out ‘bong bong bong’ tone, combined with a tone and message on all telephone speakers.

Under no circumstances should you put yourself at risk.

  1. Upon notification of a ‘Code Black lockdown’ from ‘K’ Block reception (CLC) maintain your own personal safety at all time. Notification will be by voip phone message and external alarm – ‘bong bong bong’ tone.
  2. On hearing the lockdown message during scheduled classes, follow these instructions:
    • Under no circumstances should staff place themselves at risk.
    • If outdoors, move to the closest securable room. Pool and oval users to gymnasium, rooms V1, V2.
    • Remain inside the building, lock the doors, close the blinds, turn off lights and sit below window level.
    • Instruct students that all mobile phones/iPads are to be turned off.
    • Students must not be left unattended at any time.
    • Staff and students are to remain in lockdown and follow the lockdown procedure until the ‘all clear’ announcement is heard over the loudspeaker system and/or the telephone system.

I have read and understood the evacuation procedures outlined above.


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Emergency evacuation plan