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Christ Church Grammar School is an Asthma Friendly School

It is the responsibility of students diagnosed with asthma to carry or have quick access to their medication. 

Students with asthma are identified on the School database.

Should a student in your care have an asthmatic attack and not have their own medication, Asthma First Aid Kits, which contain a simple step-by-step action plan, reliever medication and 2 disposable spacers are available in the following locations.

Disposable spacers are given to the student after use and Health Centre staff need to be informed so that a replacement can be provided. First Aid Kits containing reliever medication and spacers are also available from the Health Centre for tours and excursions.

  • Physical Education department office
  • Marshal’s office
  • Senior Staff Workroom
  • Preparatory School reception
  • Housemother’s office – Walters boarding precinct
  • Housemother’s office – Knutsford boarding precinct
  • Mount Claremont pavilion
  • St John’s Wood playing fields (first aid room)
  • Health Centre
  • Senior School Library (Circulation Desk)
  • Design & Technology department office
  • Visual Arts department office
  • Drama department office
  • Kooringal



Nursing staff are available for assistance and support on the following numbers

9442 1700      or      0412 744 192

If the student does not respond to the asthma first aid plan or his own medication please inform Health Centre staff or the designated first aid person, coach/manager or excursion organiser immediately.

If in doubt, call an ambulance 000