School absence and organisation

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Absence, illness and punctuality

  • All students must be at school on time, i.e. 8.25am.
  • Tutorial starts at 8.30am concluding at 8.50am.
  • If you are sick, late or have an appointment during any part of the school day, your parent/carer must email to record your absence, providing details of your name, House, year and tutor, the reason of the absence and a time of arrival/departure before 8.25am  on the day of your absenceIf the School has not been advised by this time your parents will receive an SMS message. Parents are asked to respond within thirty minutes by SMS or email to the School to confirm the absence. If the School does not receive a response in this time frame they are obliged to confirm through other processes your whereabouts.  Please ensure your parents assist absentee processes by being prompt with notification of absences. The SMS will be sent to parents/carers by 9.00am each day if no contact has been received regarding the your absence.
  • There is no need for parents/carers to email or phone your Tutor/Head of House for any absences unless contacted directly by a Tutor/Head of House in regards to an absence.
  • It is the responsibility of each student to have his name marked off the electronic roll each day on arrival at school. If you arrive after 8.40am, and have missed getting your name marked off the absentee roll in your House area, you must sign in on the Attendance terminal located at Student Admin Services (CLC) before proceeding to Tutorial.
  • If you are arriving after tutorial, you must sign in on the Attendance terminal located at Student Admin Services (CLC) as soon as you arrive on campus and then proceed to your scheduled class.
  • If you are late for Assembly on Thursday you must see your Head of House (or whomever is doing the attendance) to be marked off the roll.
  • If you play musical instruments, which impact on any part of the school day, you must sign out of  your timetabled class on the Attendance terminal in the foyer of the Music Department. After your music lesson, you must sign in to your next available timetabled class on the Attendance terminal in the foyer of the Music Departments and then proceed immediately to your class.
  • If you are attending Psychological Services, you must sign out of your timetabled class on the Attendance terminal in the Psych Office. When your appointment has finished, you must sign in on the Attendance terminal in the Psych Office and proceed immediately to your next available timetabled class.
  • If you are in Year 12 and are taking Claremont leave, you must sign out (to leave school) on the Attendance terminal at Student Services or the Refectory. You must sign in on the Attendance terminal at Student Services or the Refectory when you return to school.
  • If you are attending an external appointment, you must sign out (to leave school) on the Attendance terminal located at Student Admin Services (CLC). You must sign in on the Attendance terminal located at Student Admin Services (CLC) if/when you return to school.
  • If you cannot make a sporting commitment either before/after school, or at a Friday/Saturday PSA Match, you must get your parent/carers to email stating your Name/House/Tutor/Sport commitment and a valid reason why your commitment cannot be met. As a courtesy boys are expected to contact coaches/managers directly before their absence, or as soon as possible thereafter to explain their absence.
  • If you are sick or injured during the school day

–  During class time: Ask your teacher to call the Health Centre if you are unwell. Only once this call has been made, and approval given, you can then report to the Nurse at the Health Centre. Depending on your condition you may need to be accompanied by another student or teacher.

– Outside of class time: Report directly to the Nurse at the Health Centre who will contact your parent/guardian if necessary.

          DO NOT contact your parents/carer to be collect you from school without the permission of the Health Centre.

  • If you have an infectious disease or have been in contact with someone that has been infected, the School must be notified immediately. Returning to School will be in accordance with the Department of Health guidelines.
  • If you are absent for more than 2 days, whether it be sickness, holidays or work experience, you will need to discuss the circumstances with your Head of House.

Planned Absences

  • If you are seeking to miss school during the school term or will be leaving early or returning late in the term, it is important that your parent/guardian request permission for this leave in advance. This request should be made in writing to your Head of House so appropriate consideration of the impact of such absence can be considered. Parents should also send advice to of this absence.
  • NB. Students will be expected to complete documentation for Head of House, indicating how missed work will be covered off in each subject area.

School organisation

School Routines

Daily Routine Senior School

Students are required to be at school at 8.25am each day.

On all days, except Thursday, the day starts with a 20-minute meeting in House/Tutorial at 8.30am. On most Thursdays the day starts at 8.30am with Chapel and the Principal’s Assembly, followed by a Tutorial and/or meeting. If there is no Principal’s Assembly then tutorial begins at 8.30am.

After these meetings, classes commence. There are six periods during the day with a 15-minute recess and a 35-minute lunch.  Classes finish at 3.05pm.

The timetable is on a ten-day cycle; the student’s electronic device indicates this cycle on their Nexus page.

In the main sports training is once a week, except for First Teams. Training days will vary.

Arrangements for Friday afternoons

  • Years 7, 8 & 9: All students are involved in sport.
  • Years 10 & 11:  All students are involved in their selected activity
  • Year 12: Some students will be involved in Cadets and other activities, but the majority of Year 12 students are free to go home. On some days there are excursions, assessment tasks or lectures in academic subjects. These are usually listed in the Calendar of Events.

Students in Years 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11

  • Should be home after their sport/activity finishes (travelling is usually involved) on Fridays, unless you receive a personal letter from the School indicating otherwise.

Students in Year 12

  • May not leave the School until 12.45pm on Friday.

Students in all Years

  • Should wear a School uniform when they leave the School.
  • If there are concerns about your son’s involvement on Friday afternoon please contact his Tutor in the first instance.
  • If your son arrives home before the time indicated above please let your son’s Head of House or Tutor know as soon as possible.

NEXUS News Feed

The News feed is published daily on personalised Nexus pages on student devices

It includes notices of sport and activities, meetings of groups, instructions for changes of routine, detentions; anything that affects part of the school day.

It is the responsibility of each student to read the News feed.

Principal’s Assembly on Thursday

  1. All students in Years 7-12 are required to attend the Principal’s Assembly at 8.30am in the School Chapel on Thursdays. Latecomers must report to their Head of House.
  2. During first term, students wear summer uniform to Assembly. Unless told otherwise, all students are expected to wear Formal Uniform on Thursdays with blazers for Terms 2, 3 & 4.
  3. Students are required to report in as present to the House official and sit with their Tutor in the designated House area.
  4. Upon entering the Chapel students should cease normal conversation and sit quietly in their seats.

When the signal is given for the proceedings to commence students should stand in silence.

Year 11 and 12 private study, free and assessment periods

In the first instance, all students will have a choice in deciding whether to use the free periods in one of three ways:

  • in the Library: independent silent work/at the Librarian’s discretion.
  • quietly relax/discuss with others in the Refectory.
  • Year 12 students can visit the Claremont shopping precinct only during their free period and not before school or during recess and lunch. Year 12 students must sign in and out at an Attendance Terminal.
  • A Year 12 student who has a free period (blank in his timetable) in period 6 Monday – Thursday may leave at the end of period 5. On Friday a student may not leave before lunchtime.

Learning to use unstructured time is an important skill that is essential in tertiary education. Students who are serious about their studies have the opportunity to use these spare periods to carry out research, complete assignments or finish homework.

In their use of this time students are expected to respect the needs of other individuals and groups in the School. Use of the areas listed above is on the understanding that others are not disturbed. Games (including cards and ball games) are not permitted, whilst the gymnasiums and playing fields are reserved for the use of Physical Education classes.

Assessment periods: No Year 11 or 12 student is permitted to leave the campus during the Assessment Period, even if he does not have an assessment.

Private Study periods: A Year 12 student who drops a subject will have an extra 8 periods where he is not in a scheduled class.  These are designated study periods in his timetable.  (Year 11 students are required to study 6 subjects).

Study periods will be treated as periods allocated to an academic subject, i.e. each student will be allocated to a particular in-class study group for each of the in-class Study periods, in a specified room and supervised by a nominated teacher, and where:

  • there is a commitment to attend, and a roll is kept.
  • the student is expected to plan to use the periods productively, reporting punctually with materials ready to work immediately.
  • normal sanctions will apply to slack, misdirected or disruptive behaviour.

During the course of the year, and at the discretion of the Head of House, individual variations to the above may be allowed. Students are expected to be on the school grounds at all times from the time they arrive at school until the end of period 6, except in the following situations:

  • They have an appointment. Prior to the student leaving school (preferably the morning of the appointment) parents should email giving details of the period of absence.
  • An emergency situation where it is reasonable for the student to leave the school having first received permission from either Tutor, Head of House or the Deputy Principal.
  • On Friday, a Year 12 student who does not have a commitment to a school function, may go home at the end of period 4 (lunchtime).

***Whenever a student leaves the school grounds he must be dressed in a school uniform (see Online School Handbook). In Terms 2 and 3 this includes the blazer. Please note, a blazer is also required on Thursdays in Term 4.


Lunch detentions:  Students given a lunch detention are required to report to the Duty Prefect in the School Marshal’s Office at 1.00pm. Students will be assigned tasks, and must report back to the Duty Prefect at the end of lunch.

School detentions:  These are Monday to Thursday from 3.15pm to 4.45pm. Students will be given work to do for one and a half hours. Each student must obtain a parents signature on the ‘School Detention’ card that was issued by the Head of House.

Lunch and School Detentions are listed in the Daily Bulletin and the student timetable.

Saturday detentions:  These are given by the Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School, Director of Planning and Co-Curricular, Deputy Principal/Director of Studies or Principal for major breaches of school rules or repeated offences. They are conducted when necessary on Saturdays and each student must obtain a parent signature on the ‘Saturday Detention’ card that was issued by the Head of House. Students will be assigned work for up to 3 hours.

Care of Property and Equipment

  1. Students are responsible for the safe-keeping of their own property.

All uniform and belongings must be clearly marked with the owner’s name. Valuable items must be secured in lockers. The School will not be responsible for the loss of any student property.

  1. In the interests of security, school bags cannot be taken to classes (never left outside classrooms) and are to be secured inside the lockers provided. Books and devices are to be carried without the use of the school bag.
    NB. Sports bags or School bags can be taken to PE but must only contain the appropriate sport clothing (valuables must remain in locker, including mobiles and headphones).
  2. Any articles or money found must be handed to a member of staff or the school office.
  3. No student may interfere with, or wilfully damage, any property (including grounds equipment) of the School or of any person. Any damage to property or injury to a person must be reported immediately to a member of staff.
  4. Lockers: All students are allocated a locker and a combination lock for the duration  of their time at the School. Students are responsible to their Head of House for the care and good order of their locker. Any damage or loss should be reported to his Head of House as soon as possible.

Lockers must always be locked before the owner leaves them. Under no circumstances may a student open a locker belonging to another student.

A fee is charged for the replacement of a padlock.

Students are expected to take books and device for two classes at a time so that lockers are not used between periods 1 and 2, 3 and 4, or 5 and 6 except for Physical Education or  Instrumental music classes.

  1. Bicycle: Safety & Security: Students are reminded that all cyclists and scooter riders must wear an approved helmet as a matter of law and as a matter of safety.  Students are required to lock their bikes/scooters in the bicycle racks provided. The riding of bicycles and scooters in the school grounds is not permitted between 8.00am and 4.00pm. At other times bicycles and scooters may be ridden along the road and recognised pathways, at all times taking due care.

Unfortunately bicycle/scooter theft is a problem in the general community and the School is not immune to this problem.  Bicycles/scooters have been stolen from the School.  We recommend the use of a strong securing ‘D’ lock whenever the bicycle/scooter is not in use to deter theft.

Further, the School wishes to advise parents and students that:

(i)          the bicycle/scooter racks offer a substantial anchorage point for bicycle securing devices;

(ii)         thieves frequently use bolt cutters on the weakest point of the securing device. We recommend to secure your bike/scooter with a lock that cannot be cut by bolt cutters easily, i.e. a D-Lock.

(iii)        the School accepts NO liability for bicycles/scooters or any other personal property brought to the School. Although staff take all reasonable care, we suggest that parents contact their own insurance company with respect to insuring their son’s bicycle/scooter;

(iv)        thieves appear to target the expensive bicycles and scooters;

(v)         we suggest that the frame is engraved with either a telephone number or a car registration number.  Besides acting as a deterrent to some, it means that the owners can be traced easily by Police if a stolen bicycle/scooter is recovered.

7. Lost Property: Property found lying around the School and grounds is impounded and may be reclaimed from lost property in the School Marshal’s office. Any Property not claimed by the end of each school term may be donated to a charity.

8. Trading Property: Any transactions between students concerning the sale of books or other articles must be sanctioned by a member of staff.

Canteen and the Uniform Shop

Canteen: The Canteen, is located on the ground floor, eastern wing of the student Refectory, and is open from Monday to Friday, except on public and school holidays.

The canteen service sells a variety of foods before school, morning recess and lunchtime. A price list of the items available will be displayed outside the canteen. You can make an online order should you have specific dietary requirements (i.e. Gluten Free/ Vegetarian / Dairy Free).

Rules for queuing

  • Queue in the order of arrival without pushing forward on those already in the queue.
  • No pushing in ahead or saving places for others.
  • Year 12 do not acquire any special queue privilege.

Uniform Shop: The uniform shop is adjacent to Knutsford Boarding House, above catering, and is open on Monday:  8.00am to 5.00pm;  Wednesday:  1.00pm to 5.00pm; Thursday:  2.30pm to 5.00pm and Friday; 8.00am-11.00am.  A list of opening times is in the calendar of events. A full range of new and second-hand school and sports uniforms can be purchased at the Uniform Shop. Any second-hand item of school or sports uniforms of suitable standard (with the exception of socks, bathers and school shoes) may be taken to the uniform shop for resale. A commission is charged. The uniform shop can be contacted on (08) 9442 1716.

Bookroom & Book-hire scheme: The School operates a book-hire scheme for Senior School students. Each student is responsible for collecting his books before the commencement of the school year and returning these books at the end of each year. The bookroom sells stationery, text books, calculators and cadet items.  Opening times are from 1.00pm to 1.30pm Monday to Thursday and 10.40am to 10.55am Friday.

End of Year Arrangements

A special program is conducted in the Senior School in the final week of the year, and parents will be informed of these arrangements.  This time enables exam marking to be completed, prize lists to be finalised, as well permitting a range of co-curricular activities to be run.