Parent Code of Conduct

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All students, parents, teachers, support staff and volunteers have the right to be and feel safe in their school community. This code of conduct provides parents with a positive guide as to how their conduct can best assist their child to have a successful and positive experience at Christ Church Grammar School. It supports the development of positive relationships for all within the school community.

As parents you are the primary educators and first role models for your children. The choices you make and the behaviours you exhibit have a significant influence on your children. Christ Church Grammar School recognises that the work we do as a school for the benefit of your child is most successful when we operate as a true partnership between home and school. This Code of Conduct provides parents with our expectations around your conduct at school, off-site (eg at sport) and at all school events for the effective development of positive relationships within the school community.


parents‘ includes but is not limited to the following:

  • parents
  • step-parents
  • grandparents
  • extended family and step-family members
  • guardians
  • caregivers

General expectations

Parents support and interact with the rhythm of their son’s lives, serving as role models and reinforcers of the learning that takes place at the School.

Christ Church parents come from diverse backgrounds and share a common goal with the School to help their boys successfully negotiate the transition from boyhood to manhood. In choosing Christ Church, parents should demonstrate understanding and reinforce the stated aims and values of the School. Parents should encourage their boys to engage actively in the life of the School, to make the most of opportunities offered, to strive for personal and collective excellence, and to make choices consistent with school values.

Parents are requested to respect the values of the School which include:

Care and compassion

Environmental responsibility



Honesty and trustworthiness




Social justice

Understanding and inclusion

Child safe

The School is committed to ensuring the safety, welfare and wellbeing of all children and young people at the School and is dedicated to protecting them from abuse and grooming by implementing robust policies and procedures to deter abuse and grooming and facilitate detection and reporting at the School.


When communicating, whether verbally, in writing or online with other members of the school community i.e. teachers, administration staff, other parents or students, parents are expected to:

  • show respect, courtesy and consideration, ensuring behaviour is not experienced by others as confrontational or bullying
  • aim to provide constructive and specific feedback for continuous improvement, rather than using negative or disparaging language

The first priority of staff is to provide quality teaching and pastoral care to the students on campus. As a result, staff will generally respond to emails and telephone calls within two working days. If there is an emergency and a staff member’s response is needed quickly, parents are to phone the school reception for assistance.

In the first instance, parents are to approach their son’s tutor (Senior School) or classroom teacher (Preparatory School) to discuss academic and/or pastoral care matters. The time available for parents to meet with staff is limited and must be scheduled at a time that suits both parties. An appointment is required to meet with a member of staff.

Co-curricular activities

Parents are welcome to attend the School’s co-curricular events and are asked to reinforce a healthy attitude towards their child’s participation by demonstrating a controlled and disciplined approach to relevant events, competitions and activities.

Parents are expected to exercise restraint when supporting the school teams and adhere to the PSA’s Code of Conduct for parents and other spectators (

Separated parents

The School provides a positive environment for all students and parents. The School will observe any orders made by a Court, which specifically references Christ Church Grammar School, in relation to a student or communications with parents. The School will not be involved in any parental disputes.

Parents are requested to advise the School in writing of their change in living circumstances.

Car park etiquette

To ensure the safety of our students where there are moving vehicles and pedestrians in one space, parents are expected to comply with the School’s Traffic Management policy.

Breaches of this Code of Conduct

The consequences for breaching this Code of Conduct will be determined at the discretion of the Principal, Deputy Principal and/or Chair of Council, the first step being a discussion intended to best support the parent as a member of our community.

Serious or repeated breaches may result in further actions by the School, which include:

  • direction to restrict communications with members of staff through a nominated school representative
  • exclusion from specified activities or entry to school grounds
  • termination of the enrolment of the child of that parent, in the rare event of the partnership between the parent and the School breaking down

Parents may direct any appeal against sanctions applied for breaches of the Code following the process outlined in the School’s Complaints policy.


Parents with a complaint are asked to address it by following the process outlined in the School’s Complaints policy.