Managing Student Behaviour Guidelines

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Stage Student behaviour Consequence and follow-up
1 Any of the following: arriving late without good reason, minor misbehaviour, lack of courtesy to peers, not settling to work, first occasion of arriving unequiped, uniform infringement(s), failure to complete homework. Verbal or written warning
2 Any of the above repeated or escalated; disrespectful and disruptive behaviour, lack of courtesy to staff, inappropriate or offensive online messaging SRS written by classroom teacher 
3 Any of the above repeated or escalated; disobedience  Escalated SRS written by classroom teacher for tutor to action with parents
4 Any of the above repeated or escalated Class teacher SRS for HoH to action with parents
5 Any of the above repeated across multiple classes Virtual meeting with the HoH, parents and student
6 Any of the above repeated Virtual meeting with Deputy Principal, HoH, parents and student
7 Failure to modify behaviour(s) after stage 6 intervention Suspended from Remote Learning